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Brainzy Early Learning Games by




I am a member of and they recently sent me a link to these youtube clips and I think they are fantastic. Check them out at


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One Laptop Per Child – creating a brighter future



I have been researching lots of different ways that technology is transforming societies as part of this unit and I came across this program that is seeking to have a laptop in the hands of every poor and underpriviledged child.  This program is empowering children through education. Check out the information youtubes here



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My exposure to i-pads has been very limitied.

I have a tablet, which my children mainly use for games but I have my trusty laptop and that is really all I use.

While on prac I was able to see i-pads being used extensively in a few of the classes and the school ‘guru’ ran training every Tuesday and each week would go through something new.

Last week was photosync – this is the blurb from the website

PhotoSync is the first app that makes wireless transfer of your photos and videos from & to your computer, iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) & favourite cloud service – a breeze!

I will need more practice but it does look really easy

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Attended a pd on Study Ladder last week and I would recommend it to both teachers and parents. Parents can sign up but don’t get access to as many things as the teacher does but it is a great resource. The drawback is that it can only be accessed via computer and is not yet available as an i-pad app so access in the classroom may be restricted

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I-pad for kids with special needs


I have come accross a number of children through my pracs that have reduced communication due to disabilities;

I-pads can be the key to helping these children communicate with others. There are a number of different apps available but my main experience has been with PECS

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EDP4130 TASK 1


Ive been working like crazy on this assignment and due to an oversight (entirely my fault!) I had actually completed a task that is not yet required and not the task that needed to be submitted yesterday!!!!! One late night and a crazy morning later and submission has occurred (phew!)

I may lose a mark or two but hopefully I will get some informative feedback and the next few sections of this assignment will run more smoothly


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Resurrecting my blog


This is the first post to re-activate my blog and continue expanding my professional and personal learning network. The subject this time is EDP4130 and I am entering the home run for my degree and can not wait for uni to be over and to be out in the big wide world putting all this learning into practice and earning some real money!


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Meeting with the principal


Well the meeting went ok, she only wanted to say that the lesson she had just been to view was a lot better than the one I blew the previous week and that my behaviour management was good, the children were engaged and my tasks were differentiated properly for the wide ranging abilities of the special ed kids. PHEW!!!! She did mention something called Blanks Levels of Questioning to help with targeting questions for all levels and abilities and to help develop a child’ s oral abilities. Check out this link for more information on Blanks Levels of Questioning. There are several sites that will give you information but I found this on really easy to read.

My mentor teacher has given me a great reference and I know I’m getting a pass for prac so all well that ends well!

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The saga continues….


Last night I had to write another literacy lesson and this time I chose an old faithful “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle

I chose this one so that I could include some ICT activities.

I found loads of great online activities but most of them were beyond the capabilities of my prac class. So I made some cutting and pasting activities and I used the IWB to draw a lot of scenes from the book.

If you don’t want to read the book try

and you can access some interactive whiteboard activities here

The principal came to see this one and at the end of the class has asked to see me at the end of the day

Uh – oh what have I done this time?

Ill keep you informed

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Literacy lesson update


Well, I wrote a literacy lesson on manners and I used the book I wont say PLEASE!

I found this blog where these kindergarten children were also learning about lessons. One thing I have found on this prac is that these kids think that they can do whatever they want (ie punch each other etc) and as long as they say Sorry at the end then everything is ok. I have tried telling them that it doesn’t really work that way as saying sorry doesn’t excuse being deliberately cruel.

I think it is incorrect for parents and teachers to just teach kids to say sorry etc and not explain when and where sorry is ok. It requires children needing to know how to behave correctly in the first place and use sorry when it is genuinely an accident.

Anyway, I killed this lesson, the kids were engaged, they did all the activities and they really enjoyed it but of course the principal who was supposed to come and watch didn’t turn up!!!!




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